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Dreamonelove Review: A Site to Meet European Singles

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5 amazing first secret date tips for Men

We have listed down the 5 amazing first secret date tips for men out there who are actually confused about what to do and what, not.

So let's talk about one of the most amazing tips that can help you impress your Girl in your first ever secret date :

Here you Go :

1.The confidence is good but the overconfidence can make your date bad :

Every girl would love to have a boyfriend who is quite good looking and charming at the same page she wants her boyfriend to be confident in every style he has and whatever he is he should be extremely confident but WAIT! She will never like a person who would go outreach and make it over and sounds a bit weird so you should be careful in that! Look good, be confident, but don't go over the bridge ever.

2.Don't be too boring :

The women love to talk and if you wouldn't talk or make her laugh she would definitely reject you at first place. So make her laugh as she likes the man who is actually a bit jolly and fun loving, always try to pitch some jokes and care to her laugh to make her be yours all life long!

3.Don't dress too much :

Its one of another big mistakes that men do, they dress their selves too much and let us tell you that women only like a man who is a bit untidy and handsome. Don't make your self-look dirty of course but try to make your self-look good with some kind of casual look so she thinks that you are actually handsome and you are not trying to be one ! so make sure your looks are casual and natural!

4.Never talk about your exes 

So let's talk about it finally! ITS A BIG MISTAKE MEN ACTUALLY DO! Never talk about your ex's at all it can hurt your new mate and make her feel uncomfortable so let's not talk about your exe's and always make sure to appreciate your new mate.

5.Appreciate her looks :

Always appreciate the looks of your Girlfriend whatever she is wearing you always need to make it more good by complimenting her then and now! We all know that every girl likes to be appreciated for her looks. So do your best while complimenting her looks and style!

These were the most important do's and dont's for you to take care of on your first secret date with your lady! Enjoy 

3 Romantic Date Ideas that Will Impress Her


Whether you’re in the dog house and need to get back in your partner’s god graces or trying to woo the pants off a new woman in your life, these 3 romantic date ideas are sure to impress.
#1: Plane Spotting
Sure, watching big metal machinery take off and land may sound more like a guy’s idea of fun, but plane spotting done right is sure to be one of the most romantic date ideas you’ll ever come across. Scope out a secluded spot near the airport ahead of time that will give you a good view of the planes flying low overhead. Think empty fields or even parking lots for businesses that will be empty in the evening. Next, pack a couple of blankets, a bottle of wine or champagne and some snacks. If there’s grass, lay out the blanket for a picnic under the stars and lights of the planes. No grass? No problem! Spread the blanket on the hood of the car; the windshield makes the perfect backrest. The excitement of the large planes flying close overhead provides the perfect excuse to get nice and close. Boom! Romance!
#2: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Nothing gives a woman the warm and fuzzies like having a man open up to her and share details of his life, right? You can take this concept and run with it by taking her on a trip down memory lane—literally! Surprise her with a scenic drive to a place that you loved as a child, like a beach or a park that holds special memories for you. Tell her about the wonderful times you had there and why you loved it so much and watch her go over the moon with excitement when you tell her that you want to share this very special place with her. Warning: This is one romantic date idea that might just make her fall in love with you, so use with caution!
#3: Watch a Sunset
It may seem like a total cliché, but man-oh-man will she be impressed! Nothing says romance like a beautiful sunset, after all! Find a romantic spot to watch the sun go down, like by a lake or ocean (depending where you are) a rooftop, or a restaurant with a great view. Make sure you’re there in time, hold her hand and feel her melt as the sun sets. Sure, it’s kinda’ corny, but it gets them every time. It’s a true classic as far as romantic date ideas go.

Some Extra Pointers…

Any time you can make a date about her, you’re sure to impress. So, listen to her—like, really listen—when she talks about her past or the things she enjoys because you’ll get clues as to what will send her heart (and hopefully her loins!) aflutter. Listen for places that have special meaning to her or favourite restaurants or movies. Whenever you’re stuck for date ideas, pick one of these things/places and she’ll be touched that you listened and remembered. Instant brownie points!

3Casual Dating Tips Every Guy Needs to Avoid Drama


Casual dating should be easy, right? But, as most guys who’ve tried it will tell you: it’s often ends up being a big, drama-filled pain in the butt. You meet a girl that seems cool and laidback that you want to have some fun with, but then all of a sudden this cool girl starts acting all clingy and needy, and before you know it she’s nagging you to be with her 24-7. Girls, right? Wrong! Chances are that you’re actually the problem and not her!
If you want to enjoy the fun of casual dating and actually keep fun and drama-free,  these casual dating tips are all you need.
Casual Dating Tip #1: Define “casual dating” in clear terms
You may think that your intentions are crystal clear when you tell a woman that you’re just looking to date casually, but her idea of what casual dating means may be very different than yours. A common mistake is to say something like “Let’s have fun and see where it goes”, which may sound causal but can be easily interpreted as being open to the possibility of the relationship going further down the road—especially by a woman who is really into you. If all you want is to get together for sex every now and again with no strings attached, then say so as clearly as possible. If she’s not into it, then move on and know that you’ve just saved yourself a whole lot of hassle down the road.
Casual Dating Tip #2: Go where the likeminded women are
If you’re looking to meet women who are also interested in keeping things casual, then look for them in places they’re likely to be. (Hint: You’re not going to find them in church!) Take your search to the internet on sites and apps that cater to casual dating and sex, avoiding those that are geared at people looking for something long-term. Be sure to post your profile in the right category and don’t forget to write a profile that cuts to the chase and lets women know right away that you’re just looking for some fun. Naturally, you’ll want to look at profiles in the same category and scope out the ones that are there looking for the same thing you are.
Casual Dating Tip #3: Know when it’s time to move on
It’s not hard for the lines to get blurred when you’re spending time with a woman, especially if there’s sex involved. After a while of enjoying some casual fun, things may begin to change and you need to move on the second you notice it happening to avoid things getting messy. If she starts expecting to see you more often, gets upset when you don’t call or text, or starts trying to make plans to do stuff with her friends or go out on dates instead of hooking up, then it’s time to tell her you’re moving on. If you’ve been clear about your intentions all along, then you’ve got nothing to feel bad about.
There you have it! These 3 simple casual dating tips are all you need to have the fun you want without the hassle.

10 Signs She’s Cheating on You


Worried that your girlfriend is cheating? Before you go off on her with an accusation, it’s important to determine whether or not your intuition is right or if insecurity or other issues are making your mind play tricks on you. How? Well, by paying close attention for starters. These 10 signs she’s cheating can help you know what to look for before you confront her with your suspicions.
1. She keeps mentioning another guy. If you hear another guy’s name being slipped into your conversations, even if he’s“just a colleague”, then she may be cheating even if just emotionally. When you’re attracted to someone, you can’t help but want to talk about them. This doesn’t mean she’s physically cheated yet, but it’s a sign that she is thinking a lot about someone else.
2. She’s keeping busier than usual. If all of a sudden she is busier than usual with work, hobbies, friends, and other things that keep her away from you, this could be her way of pulling away and creating distance between the two of you.
3. She’s putting more effort into her looks. Some women always like to look nice, but if she’s suddenly buying more new clothes and putting more effort into her hair and makeup when she’s going to work or to the gym, then she’s likely trying to impress another guy. This is also a sign of increased confidence that’s often fueled by interest from someone new.
4. She’s talking less. If she used to tell you every last detail of her day and talk to you about the things going on in her life and is no longer doing that, then she’s likely got something to hide. The less details the better when you want to avoid slipping up and getting caught in a lie.
5. Your sex life has changed. Any drastic change in your sex life can be a sign that she’s cheating. Some women may want less sex because they’ve lost interest in you and are having their needs met elsewhere, while others may want more sex than ever or start trying new things in bed because they’re excited by the new sex they’re getting from someone else.
6. She’s nagging you more. If you’ve noticed an increase in her nagging or that she’s all of a sudden criticizing ever y last thing you do, then she may subconsciously be trying to distance herself from you and justify her behaviour by making you look like the bad guy.
7. She’s accusing you of cheating. If you haven’t given her any reason to be suspicious yet she suddenly accuses you of cheating, then she’s likely trying to turn the tables to keep the attention off herself.
8. She buys new lingerie. A sudden desire to have new lingerie is a red flag that she’s got someone she’s looking to be sexy for. This doesn’t mean that anytime a woman treats herself to a new pair of panties it’s because she’s getting some on the side, but a sudden need to buy a bunch of sexy lingerie that she isn’t parading around in for you is NOT good.
9. She’s become protective of her phone. Guarding her phone or laptop and leaving the room when she gets a call or text is a sign that she’s got something to hide. Same goes for suddenly making her phone and other devices password protected out of the blue.
10. She deletes her search history. Deleting your browser history and phone logs are a HUGE red flag that she’s hiding something.  Take a peek at her browser history the next time you’re on her laptop, tablet or phone. If she’s clearing it after every use, then she may be cheating or getting ready to.
Any drastic change in her behaviour that isn’t connected to an illness or other logical explanation means that it may be time to have a talk. Don’t ignore the signs.

12 Best Online Dating Sites for Men In USA

Gone are the times when dating sites were considered to be a desperate method of looking for women. This is proofed by the fact that more than 52% of the population using the dating sites is men. There are many dating sites with an approximate figure of 2,500 dating sites in the U.S. The question is, how do you know the one that is eligible for you to join?

Discussed below are the top Online Dating Sites those men should consider:

1)      Match

Match.com is the most popular dating site with the most users. It has a gender ratio of 51% to 49% women to men respectively. It boasts of its highest-paid user base both nationally and locally. While the site has several features, it's easy to navigate it. It has plenty to offer for the singles that are searching for soul mates and casual dates at an affordable price. Its engaging stories and professional stories will make your dating dream right.

Here is the link to the website https://www.match.com/

2)      Elite singles

It's a compelling site mostly recommended for those who are looking for highly educated professionals.82% of its user are bachelors, master’s and Ph.D. holders. Elite singles.com offers breath air for the excellent and ambitious daters who intend to find long lasting relationships. It has advanced safety and security tools and is easily accessible via the phones.

Here is the link of the website: https://www.elitesingles.com/

3)      eHarmony

This is your suitable site if your wish is to find a serious dating partner. The study shows that 542 of its members marry daily and is responsible for most of the US marriages. It is a highly reliable dating platform with a smooth navigatable profile with well-labeled sections that directs you when you want to move to the next page.

Here is the link to the website https://www.eharmony.com/


4)      Zoosk

Zoosk is an attractive site for the singles that use mobile gadgets. It has a high user base with 3.8 million users joining every month. It can be accessed in 20 languages and provides exciting ways of hooking up with the similarly minded singles. It is quickly rising to become the most popular dating site due to its availability on Smartphone’s.

Here is the link to the website https://www.zoosk.com/

5)      Our time

A highly innovative site that targets the single people who are over 50 years. You get a step by step guide on how to fill your profile immediately after signing up. OurTime has millions of daily visitors with Dating professionals are available in case you need any advice. The members can communicate by flirts, chats, videos or audio options.

Here is the link to the website https://www.ourtime.com/

6)      BlackPeopleMeet

BlackPeopleMeet is a dating site for the interracial and black singles, whether they are looking for serious individuals or casual partners. It is the largest site for African- American singles with more than one million visitors monthly. BlacPeopleMeet.com is easy to use, and the pricing is pocket-friendly.

7)      SeniorPeopleMeet

This site is suitable for the senior singles that are over 55 years and express uncomfortability when using the internet. SeniorPeopleMeet has a quick sign up process and it very simple to use. The video and audio features make it easy for the members to communicate.

Here is the link to the website https://www.blackpeoplemeet.com/

8)      AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder is a popular dating site with over 40 million sexy singles and more than 25.5 million monthly visitors. You have to visit this place now if you are looking for serious partners to sail through together in this life journey. Contains many features and is easy to navigate.

Here is the link to the website https://adultfriendfinder.com/

9)      BeNaughty

BeNaughty spices up the dating process by directing its attention to the singles looking for hookups. It is an engaging site that simplifies the hardship of getting charming soul mates with similar taste. No customer service and the advice are limited hence one is enticed into naughty dating experience.

Here is the link to the website https://www.benaughty.com/

10)  LovesFlirt

A new dating site that gives men the perfect opportunity to have a safe interaction with millions of women. All new members undergo a vetting process. It's fully designed with features that detect any fraudulent activities. LovesFlirt is easy to use and cheap to join.

Here is the link to the website https://lovesflirt.com/

11)  OkCupid

It works well with the working millennials and college students since it’s an online free dating site. It has a spot on an algorithm, and you can quickly view who checked on your profile.

Here is the link to the website  https://www.okcupid.com/

12)  Plenty of Fish

An online dating site assumed to be the largest since it has more than 3 million active members on site daily. It does add any charges for chatting with someone.

Dating is soul fulfilling, and everyone wishes to enjoy the fun and joy it brings. The dating sites are many which provide a wide choice for one to choose from, but honestly, the above-discussed ones guarantee you are a sure success.

Here is the link to the website: https://www.pof.com/

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10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Online Dating


Whether it’s old-school dating sites or trendy new dating apps; you want to get the most out of your online dating experience, right? Getting the most out of it means meeting the kind of women you want without wasting too much time on those that aren’t a good fit or aren’t looking for the same thing that you are, no matter what that may be. Here are 10 quick and easy tips that will help you do that and more so that you can enjoy the best that online dating’s got to offer.
1. Know what you want. If you have a clear idea of what you want it will make it easier to navigate the sea of endless choices that you find on Tinder and other dating apps and sites. Don’t be too rigid, but have ageneral idea of the type of relationship you want, age group, etc.
2. Choose the best site for you. While most sites offer the chance to narrow your criteria, there are sites that cater to specifics, like faith, sex or long-term relationships, sexual orientation, etc. Do your homework to pick the best one for you.
3. Choose the right categories. You can help narrow your options to get closer to what you want by choosing the appropriate categories for relationship types, age, race/ethnicity, etc.
4. Get a good profile picture. It should be current and reflect what you look like now—not 10 years ago when you were in your high school glory days. Take a bunch of selfies or get a friend to take some pics and choose one that you’re happy with. Profiles with pics really do get a lot more action.
5. Write a killer profile. Be funny, honest, and to-the-point. Keep it short, but impactful and representative of who you really are and what you’re looking for.
6. Keep an open mind. Yes, you like what you like and don’t want to waste time on women of no interest, but you also don’t want to limit yourself to the point of missing out on someone amazing. Don’t get too hung up on a specific type because just being a certain height with this hair and eye color doesn’t guarantee a good fit. Know your deal breakers, but stay open to new people and experiences.
7. Be honest. Lying about how you look, what you do or what you’re into jus to try to impress women will only backfire. It’s a complete waste of your time and hers, not to mention that you risk some major drama and embarrassment down the road. Seriously, don’t bother.
8. Have fun. Even if you’re looking for a serious relationship, the entire experience of dating should be fun. Let loose and enjoy the experience because at least that way, even if a date isn’t Mrs. Right, you’ve at the very least managed to enjoy yourself.
9. Be safe. Don’t go getting all macho and assuming that safety isn’t an issue just because you’re a guy. Women can be crazy! Besides, who’s to say that the hot “girl” you’ve been texting with is even a girl at all? Better safe than sorry, always, so don’t give out your home or work address or phone number and always have your initial meeting in a public place.
10. Meet in person ASAP. Don’t drag on the texting/messaging phase and make plans to meet women that seem promising right away. You don’t want to waste a bunch of time building someone up in your head because you’ll risk unrealistic expectations and inevitable disappointment if she doesn’t live up to what you made her up to be. If she seems interesting, then arrange to meet for coffee soon.