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What To Do If A Ukrainian Woman Asks You For Money?

After years of searching, you have finally found the right woman from Ukraine. At this point, you are probably thinking she’s your soul mate. But, sometimes our emotions can play with our minds.
What should you do if your Ukrainian girlfriend asks you for money? How do you respond? Do you fulfill her wish? Or is it a scam? 

Whether you send her money or not depends on two possible scenarios: the first is whether you have met her. If you have been frequently talking to her and have met her in person, you may consider helping her financially. 

Of course, this depends on your financial situation. If you are in tight spot financially, then be honest with her. Keep in mind, the right woman will understand your situation. 

On the other hand, if you do want to help her, it’s important to consider a few things. 

Does she have a legitimate reason for asking for money? Is she unemployed? Is there a sick family member she needs to take care of? Does she want money for an air ticket to see you? Observe her behavior and always trust your gut. There have been many cases where western guys have been scammed by committed girls.

The second scenario is where you haven’t met the Ukrainian woman. If you have had a few interactions with her, but haven’t met her in person, proceed with extra caution. Most of such cases have resulted in fraud. 

Listen to your intuition, even if you feel the woman has a legitimate reason for asking for money. Here is what you should do in this case:

· Communicate clearly and openly with her. Ask her why she needs the money. Tell her you could help her if she meets you in person. 

· Do a quick Internet search on her. Check out her social media accounts too. This is an effective way to determine whether she is a scam. If anything seems shady, don’t send her cash. 

· Ask her tactfully to provide you with evidence. For example, if she needs money to cover her or someone’s medical bills, offer to pay the amount only if she emails you the medical bill.

Last but not least, you can politely decline to help her. It’s not a compulsion on you to provide her with financial support.

That being said, the common myth that Ukrainian women are only looking for wealthy men is not true.  As a matter of fact, Ukrainian women are sincere, down to earth and intelligent. 

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Dating Ukrainian Women: Dos And Don’ts

When it comes to dating Ukrainian women, the Internet is inundated with many misconceptions. It’s time to set the record straight. Here are some facts to consider while dating Ukrainian women:

Be yourself

Be your true self with her. Women love men who are confident in their own skin. 

This helps establish trust and openness, which is pivotal for any relationship to succeed. In addition, you will feel more connected with her. 

Whether you’re communicating with her online or offline, always be yourself.

Treat her like a lady

Ukrainian women adore men who act as gentlemen. Unfortunately, there are not many gentlemen today. 
You don’t have to fake it; just treat her right. Be respectful, kind and courteous toward her. Open doors for her, offer to pay for dinner or help her get seated in a restaurant. These small gestures make a positive difference in any relationship. 

Show you care

Show your love and affection to her. Pay her compliments from time to time. Ask for her opinion or advice. Ukrainian women love that! If you know her for some time, you can send her a small gift or flowers. In a nutshell, you should be considerate and caring. Respect her feelings.
Keeping these minor details in mind will have a positive impact on your relationship.


Educate and enlighten yourself  

Western and Ukrainian cultures are different. A clash of cultures can be a relationship deal breaker. Make an earnest effort to learn about her culture. Besides being an educational experience for you, she will feel that you are genuinely interested in her. 
After all, great relationships require understanding and respecting one another’s cultural beliefs.  

Don’t judge

Although there are striking differences in Ukrainian and western lifestyles, don’t be overly critical of Ukrainian life. 
Even if you’re seeing a modern Ukrainian woman, she won’t appreciate negative comments about her native land. 
Having an opinion is one thing; but being disrespectful to someone’s country is just not right.


Don’t rush it

Last but not least, don’t rush things. Being patient is the key in a relationship. It’s crucial for both parties to be on the same page. Don’t sabotage your chances of having a meaningful connection by moving too fast. 
It’s best to know her well before taking the next step.


Take the lead

Once you realize she’s the one, take the lead in the relationship. Don’t depend on her to do things.
Let her know if you want to take the relationship forward. You should be the one suggesting a suitable course of action. Of course, ask her opinion. Majority of Ukrainian women prefer men to take the lead. 

Dating a Ukrainian woman is not rocket science. Be mindful of the above-mentioned factors and you will be good to go. 

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